Beauty on Mars - Glam Lashes 


  • SO MUCH DRAMA! This lash oozes glam with its wispy wings and layered textured overall look. ‘EMPOWER’ is the lash for all those boss b*tch BOM babes looking to capture the room and stand out. 
  • BOM recommends this as your OUT OUT lash.


- Lashes can be reused 20+ times with correct care. 

- Ensure trimming of lash band prior to wearing.

- Vegan & cruelty-free. 






All eyes for an extra look

Level Of Drama



Gradual Rounded


PBT Synthetic Fibre


5mm (INNER) 16mm (CENTRE) 16mm (OUTER)

Adhesive included?


About Beauty on Mars

Beauty On Mars was created by two Soul Sisters with a passion for everything Beauty. We love everything glam, girly and fabulous but also share a strong love for fury critters.

With over 20 years industry experience, a lot of research and a whole lot of travelling the world we noticed a gap in the market for a LEGIT 100% cruelty free/vegan lash brand.

NO MINK, NO SILK just pure PBT fibre! PBT is a luxury synthetic material that is as light and soft as the lashes on your own lids- in other words nothing at all to do with fury critters. Not only are they affordable and accessible, they are top of the range, full, fluffy, flexible, light weight and can be worn 20+ times. We at Beauty On Mars believe that minks are furiends, NOT lashes, therefore we will never ever have mink lashes as an option. 

Knowing the industry all around the world and researching the best materials for each lash, we give you our handmade x16 glam and natural lashes along with the cutest packaging everrrrr! 

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