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Tania Olsen - Clarissa Dress - Standard Hire

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The exquisite Clarissa dress, is specially designed for the mother of the bride who seeks a sophisticated and refined look for this memorable occasion. With its timeless elegance and meticulous craftsmanship, this dress is sure to captivate and enchant.

The main fabric of guipure lace exudes an air of grace and sophistication, making a statement from the moment you enter the room. The intricate lace patterns create a beautiful and delicate texture, adding depth and dimension to the dress. The high neckline lends a sense of regality, while the fitted mid-length silhouette showcases your figure with grace and poise.

The Clarissa dress features a raglan sleeve design, offering a unique and contemporary twist on traditional mother-of-the-bride attire. This elegant sleeve style adds a touch of modernity and individuality, ensuring you stand out with confidence and sophistication. The carefully crafted details of the raglan sleeve create a flattering and comfortable fit, allowing you to move with ease and grace throughout the day.

For your utmost comfort, the Clarissa dress comes with an attached stretch-fitted slip dress. This slip dress provides a smooth and seamless foundation, ensuring a flawless silhouette and a comfortable fit. The inner bra cups offer additional support, allowing you to feel confident and secure throughout the day. The back invisible zipper allows for easy and effortless dressing, so you can focus on enjoying the celebration.

With its fitted mid-length design and back kick pleat, the Clarissa dress combines style and practicality. The kick pleat adds a subtle yet elegant detail, allowing for ease of movement and a graceful stride. It is the perfect balance between comfort and sophistication, ensuring you can fully embrace this special day.

Features of the Clarissa Mother of the Bride dress:

  • Luxurious guipure lace fabric for a statement-making look
  • Intricate lace patterns for beautiful texture and dimension
  • The high neckline exudes regal elegance
  • The fitted mid-length silhouette showcases the figure with grace
  • Unique raglan sleeve design for a contemporary twist
  • Attached stretch a fitted slip dress for comfort and seamless fit
  • Inner bra cups for added support and confidence
  • Back invisible zipper for easy dressing
  • Back kick pleat for ease of movement and elegance

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