Deluxe Meditation Stone Kit - 22 x 22cm


Deluxe Meditation Stone Kit - 22x22cm

The ideal set for meditation or maybe as a beginner's crystal pack. It has everything you need to get started.

The set includes:

  • 7 Tumbled Chakra Stones
  • 3 Quartz Crystal Points
  • 2 Selenite Towers
  • Rose Quartz Cluster
  • Bonus Satchel and Chakra Energy Chart

Tumbled Chakra Stones: Chakra gemstones have been used for centuries for a variety of applications including emotional balance, positive energy, meditation, sound sleep and more.

The stones featured in The Deluxe Meditation Stone Set are:

  • red jasper
  • carnelian
  • yellow and green aventurine
  • Tur Quentine
  • sodalite
  • amethyst

Quartz Crystal Points: Long considered the quintessential “power stone”, quartz is wonderful for use in meditation, or as an affirmation stone. Clear quartz has been associated with healing and amplifying energy, and it stimulates other crystals when used in a grid layout. Quartz is compatible with all 7 chakras

Selenite Towers: Selenite is known for its uplifting energy and is the embodiment of light and love. Because of its high vibration, this cleansing stone is perfect for removing energy blockages from the body. It also creates a virtual shield of light, protecting the user from outside influences.

  • Use a centerpiece to your crystal grid, or place inside any room to increase positive energy. Each tower is unique in appearance, with no two being alike.

Rose quartz cluster: Known as the “heart stone”, rose quartz is intricately connected to the heart chakra, and is often used to help the heart heal from pain or trauma left from deep emotional wounds. It’s also believed to purify and open the heart at all levels to promote love (including self-love), friendships, and compassion. Rose quartz is also used to restore trust in relationships.

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